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Immunity booster food in winter: Boost Children’s immunity to prevent them from winter illness.

Children’s winter diet for immunity: After Covid-19, the most attention has been focused on strengthening immunity.In the event of any disease attack, the immune system provides a defense to our body.

If immunity is strong then many diseases do not even touch us. Due to immunity, the attacking bacteria or virus already die. This is the reason that nowadays people’s attention has been the most on increasing immunity.

It is most important to have strong immunity in children. If immunity is strong in childhood, then it is very useful in later age. Many diseases can be avoided by strengthening immunity. Some children often fall prey to cold and cold as soon as winter comes.

The biggest reason for this is that the immunity in children is very weak, due to which they are easily attacked by bacteria or viruses. If you also want to strengthen the immunity of your children, then definitely include these foods in the diet of children in winter.

Jaggery-Jaggery is a very effective superfood to increase immunity. According to the Outlook India news, jaggery is a very effective diet to increase immunity in children.

Immune Booster Jaggery

Jaggery is a panacea to cure cold-cough and infections related to lungs. If dry ginger or ginger is added to jaggery, it becomes even more miraculous. It is a great immunity boosting superfood during the winter season.

Soup-There is a lot of benefit to children by drinking soup in winter. It not only increases immunity, apart from this, it also removes infections related to the throat.

Immune Booster soup

It also strengthens the digestive system. You can give soup or mix soup of spinach, cauliflower, tomato, beans, beet etc. to your child.

egg-We all know about egg. It is said that one egg a day can save you from going to the doctor. Consumption of eggs can increase immunity in children.

Immune Booster Fresh eggs

OrangeOranges start getting a lot in winter and they also become cheap at this time. Vitamin-C is present in sufficient quantity in oranges. Vitamin C is an immunity booster.

Immune Booster Orange

Apart from vitamin C, the amount of potassium and folate is also very high in oranges. Consumption of oranges in children boosts immunity.

Amla- Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla.Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Many types of antioxidants are found in it. It boosts immunity in everyone.

Immune Booster Amla

Apart from boosting immunity, it is also beneficial for hair, skin and eyes.

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